Never have a bad day ever again

I was naughty and opened a Christmas present early ( thank you @mypolice )  I’m glad I did because now I can share it with you 🙂
“Learn to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and share them with others. Never Have A Bad Day Ever Again records small everyday pleasures and finally gives them the credit they are due

These delights are offered to you regularly, free of charge, unheralded and unsolicited. An affectionate, humorous way to brighten up your day and encourage you to live in the moment, this desirable little book has the potential to change your life forever.Simple yet profound, fleeting yet recurrent, free yet precious, these pleasures are within the reach of us all. They will make you smile, and encourage you to live life to the full, to take time, to think about them and savour them.

Read it, enjoy it, benefit from it… and it’s just possible that you will never have a bad day ever again!”