Cassie’s 5-A-Day

Cassie Robinson wrote her beautiful 5-a-day….

– Having what people these days call a portfolio career means my days are varied and often improvised, a freedom that I love but that I’ve found requires some management of energy. Improvisation comes from a solid foundation I think and my solid foundation is making sure I stick to my personally designed ritual of bedtimes, meditating etc. to give me a sense of structure from which I can flourish.

– Touch, whether this be intimate touch or just loving and caring touch with another human being; a cuddle, a hug, a holding hands, hair stroking, a hand squeeze, an arm around a shoulder, it connects me to being human and being whole.

– Doing something each day that makes me feel alive, that reminds me I’m living, that brings me to life – this can range from sharing an intense sexual experience within intimacy to just simply being by the sea and listening, watching and breathing it in.

– Quietly and gently introducing or connecting people – each day I like to connect someone to something new or someone unknown to them, it gives me a sense that there is evolution and expansion and enhancement. And it connects me to my love of discovery and being curious.

– Each day I tap into my imagination – whether this is at bedtime ( winks ), telling myself a story on the bus, or engaging with new, challenging things by imagining them as adventures.

Thanks so much Cassie! I love these !