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I went to see some very helpful people at Mind this morning for their campaign skills training – a marvellous free service they offer to people like me who care about mental health but don’t know what to do about it. It was great to meet people at the sharp end of the spectrum, campaigning at local level for specific support for service users. Very humbling to see how much passion and commitment goes into making even the smallest changes to the ‘system’.

Interestingly, the first ‘icebreaker’ question of the day was “What’s good for your mental health?” – a very Mindapples question if ever there was one. Everyone had at least one thing to say, so, in no particular order, here’s what they said:

  • walks in the open air
  • supporting your football team (when they win)
  • being listened to and respected
  • being taken seriously
  • talking to friends
  • doing something you’re good at
  • chocolate

The idea of being listened to and taken seriously is a big one for me. I’m not sure if it’s something we can always control ourselves though, more like something we need from our environment. That’s why we’re focussing on the simple, practical things we can all DO to care for our minds. But it’s important to acknowledge that what’s good for our mental health is as much about our context as our activities.

Here are some more ideas from Mind on how to improve your mental wellbeing.

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4 thoughts on “Mind Training

  1. Hi Andy,

    You are so right. ‘being listen to’
    There is research on couselling which showed that regardless of the type of counselling or the skill or age of the counsellor the main factor in success(happier client) was if the client felt that the counsellor was listening to them and cared about them. another study showed that if a doctor chatted to a patient for at least 3 mins they were less likely to sue the doctor later!

    wishing you a joyful and meaningful day, full of love, fun and challenges!

    have a great day!

    love and hug


  2. Thanks Fiona. Yes, definitely, Facebook is a great idea. I’m trying to do all I can with free tools right now but I’m a little concerned that it will be confusing to have too many different places to contribute. Hmmm, if only Surveymonkey had a Facebook app… But yes, I’ll see what I can do – and thanks for your support!

  3. hi Andy – I just found out about your mindapples project when browsing over at The Nag. I think it is such an excellent and promising idea, and wondered if you had considered setting up a Facebook cause/group to further promote it across social media networks? Facebook seems to me to be another great tool for maximising publicity. Good luck with taking this forward – have now bookmarked your blog and will be checking regularly for updates from now on.

  4. Hello!

    I’d say that maintaining positive relationships and meaningful connections with people are the main focal points for me. Part of that in my experience also includes getting into the right mindset to appreciate another person in the first place as well. It is very easy, especially when working in a big city full of equally busy people to either a) not put sufficient effort into maintaining those connections and letting them grow stronger, but also b) having the clarity of mind to be ‘present’ when we are with our loved ones also. We’ve recently launched some creative thinking tools on our site, and it would be interesting to know what you think of them…