“I need to see a head doctor – so what?”

Lily Allen admits to therapy and making mistakes…few women in the media talk so openly about being sad. She has told the press about her dark days – the times when she has felt insecure, lonely and miserable. Her secret weapon is therapy, although it’s not so secret.

“I’m not ashamed of going to hospital or for therapy”

“Too many famous people try to hide the fact they’ve needed some help – it shouldn’t be like that. People with normal lives need a bit of help sometimes. My life is anything but normal. It’s weird. I’ve got a funny head and I need to sort it out sometimes. I go and see a head doctor and then it all makes sense.”

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2 thoughts on ““I need to see a head doctor – so what?”

  1. An interesting read, but it misses one fundamental point: most celebs or high-profile people are in a position where they are relatively – compared to 99% of the general population – financially secure and don’t rely on a general CV to get their next job.

    The reaction to a celeb with depression and to a normal person going for a job with ‘three months off work due to depression’ is sadly still all too different I believe (based purely on anecdotal evidence)

  2. Lily’s new album “It’s Not Me, It’s You” is a real triumph. Her lyrics echo the thoughts and emotions of so many. ‘Everyone’s At It’ and ‘The Fear’ are very apt right now.

    Great highlight Lauren.