Your mind: a user’s guide

Making the most of your mind

Understanding how your mind works can help you maintain your health, achieve your goals and improve your relationships. Mindapples shares insights from neuroscience and psychology to help you understand your mind and use it effectively.

We do this mostly for businesses, training their staff to use their minds better at work, but we want to help everyone understand their minds.

Meet your mind, with Andy Gibson

Find out more about your mind

Feed your mind

Find out how to maintain your mind and stay sharp and healthy. [Read more]

Master your moods

Managing your emotions and staying positive and resilient. [Read more]

Get motivated

How to feel more excited and enthusiastic about your life and work. [Read more]

Handle pressure

Cope with stress and use your resources to turn pressures into challenges. [Read more]

Know yourself

How personality traits can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. [Read more]

Train your mind

How to get smarter, learn new skills and change your habits. [Read more]

Make smarter decisions

How to improve your judgement and make less biased decisions. [Read more]

Influence people

How we influence each other, and how to use your influence positively. [Read more]

Collaborate brilliantly

How to communicate clearly and work positively with other people. [Read more]

Think creatively

How creativity works, and tips for coming up with more creative ideas. [Read more]