Who we are

Mindapples is an independent non-profit organisation based in London. We have been funded and supported by a lot of wonderful people including the Maudsley Charity, Guy’s and St Thomas’s Charity and Comic Relief. Our academic and clinical partners include the Institute of Psychiatry, the University of York, South London & Maudsley NHS, Mind, the Mental Health Foundation and Bupa.

Mindapples was founded by Andy Gibson in 2008 and developed by Esther King, Hege Saebjornsen, Lauren Currie and Tessy Britton. It has now grown into a thriving organisation with a strong network of supporters and advisers. There’s no hidden agenda or big company behind us: just a group of passionate people with big plans.

Core Team (ho ho)

  • Andy Gibson, Head Gardener and CEO
  • Esther King, Head of Operations and COO
  • Michele Worden, Assistant Gardener
  • Dr Alex Fradera, Head full of research
  • Penny King, Head in her books
  • Alex Lucy, Head first
  • Jenny Reina, Head of campaigns
  • Owen Tozer, Head illustrator (Literally. He draws the heads.)


We are very lucky to have an amazing Board of Directors and we’re very sorry for calling them the ‘Headboard’.

  • David Gold (Chair), CEO of Prospectus
  • Richard Armes, coach and corporate advisor
  • Dr Natalie Banner, research advisor
  • Robbie Cowbury, Project Manager at Pilot Light
  • James Glover, HR Director at Trinity Hospice
  • Patrick Watt, Director, Corporate at Bupa UK


We employ a faculty of brilliant freelance trainers to deliver our training programmes, including:

  • Dr Alex Fradera, business psychologist and neuroscientist
  • Anna Golowski, corporate coach, trainer and HR adviser
  • Hen Norton, trainer and facilitator
  • Jana Stefanovska, trainer and founder of Now Festival
  • Amanda Walderman, trainer and positive psychologist

Advisors & supporters

Over the last few years we’ve also been fortunate enough to have a pretty amazing set of people advising us, including:

  • Andrew Brough, Australian outpost
  • George Collings, planner and campaign adviser
  • Stephanie Drakes, Director, 23red
  • Roger Edmonds, Marketing Manager, Pepsico
  • Paul Fletcher, Partner, ACTIS, business mentor
  • Nicky Forsythe, The Positive Therapy Company and creator of Talk for Health
  • Peter Gibson, founder of Philosophy Ideas and Andy’s dad
  • John Grant, founder of St Lukes Communications and Ecoinomy
  • Jamie Hancox, Sales consultant and CEO of Buying Time
  • Diane Herbert, HR Director at Channel 4
  • Bill Hicks, deceased comedian
  • Sophie Howarth, founder of the School of Life
  • Stef Lewandowski, technical adviser and code artist
  • Jerry Loy, financial adviser
  • Louise Marshall, Spring Law, commercial lawyer
  • Ben Metz, organisational psychology consultant
  • Dr Sam Spedding, DPsych clinical psychologist and psychotherapist
  • Colin Tate, a very generous and knowledgeable man
  • Richard Tyrie, Founder of Good People, commercial adviser


And none of this would be possible without our amazing volunteers, the Mindapples Gardeners:

  • Amanda Gore, trends researcher
  • Amisha Ghadiali, thinker, actor, voter
  • Ana Garcia, artist and designer
  • Anna Maloney, chief blagger
  • Annika Howells, Australian outpost
  • Anton Chernikov, designer and Exponential
  • Bex Singleton, photographer and film-maker
  • Charles Davies, esoteric consultant
  • Charlotte Harrison, festival badger
  • Christine Hartland, film producer and networker extraordinaire
  • Christine Lockhart, masseuse
  • Coco Sato, origamist
  • Dan Kolodziej, Bad Apple
  • Felix Andrew, apple seller
  • Gianna Goulding, Head Girl
  • Hege Saebjornsen, photographer and social enterprise adviser
  • Helena Ambrosio, designer of the Mindapples Tree!
  • Jo de Mornay Davies, art director and author
  • Jo Worsley, writer and mental health adviser
  • Laura Yates, designer
  • Lauren Currie, service designer, and our first volunteer!
  • Lisa Hunter, Board out of her mind
  • Lucy Kyle, trainer and facilitator
  • Lucy Poulson, tigger
  • Lucy White, tree storage specialist
  • Mariela Magnelli, guerrilla gardener
  • Marilena Reina, marketing adviser
  • Matt Carson, singer and tree caddy
  • Dr Matt Self, Andy’s mate who knows stuff about brains
  • Nicola Bonnick Caldeira, financial adviser and the Brazilian connection
  • Ofordi Nabokei, policy adviser
  • Rachel Statham, researcher and community activist
  • Ruta Marcinkus, our first intern, multi-talented Swiss army knife, researcher, and occasionally Andy’s boss
  • Sorcha Piotrowski, squirrel wrangler
  • Susi Wright, festival adviser
  • Tanya Hunter, Head of seedlings
  • Tom Ten Thij, drummer and technical adviser

With thanks to...

We’d also like to thank, in no particular order, Kris Morris (who did our first logo), Tom Ten Thij (who built our first website), Gavin O’Carroll (who came up with our slogan), Unboxed Consulting, Tony Coggins at SLaM NHS Trust (our first NHS partner), Lucy Smith at NHS Lambeth (our first NHS client), Laura Hyde, Austin Healey, Anne Rigby, Ollie Smith, Guys and St Thomas’s Charity, Kumar Jacob, the Maudsley Charity, the RSA, Matthew Taylor, David Matthews, Eileen Sugrue, Paddy Watt (our loyal disc’apple), Bupa, Jo Alma, Lucy Pollard, Wendy Richardson, Ariam Asghedom, Shane Carmichael, Andrea Callender, Billy Dann, Laura Roling, Comic Relief, the Nominet Trust, Annika Small, Young Minds, Rohit Kumar, Laura Napier, Rich Crozier, Darren Guy, JP Morgan, Krushma Makwana, Kate Jaggard, L’Oreal UK, Rohan Gunatillake, Laura Billings, Rose Casey-Challies, Kat Pesaran, Amber Donebauer, Rahima Hall, Cassie Robinson, Kerry McCarthy, Nina Burrowes, Sarah Drummond, Prof Daniel Freeman, Dr Martin Webber, Prof Alex Murdoch, Daulton Redmond, Student Minds, Young Minds, NSUN, UnLtd, Marjorie Thompson, Katherine Edwards, Una Murphy, BBC Careerlink, all the staff at White Label PR, Delphine Reynaud, Courvoisier (our first sponsors), Crussh, SavvyCook, Positive Touch, Headspace, Limina, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness Festival, Latitude, Larmer Tree, The Big Chill, Edmund Colville, Ben de Vere, BiodiversiTea, Cargo, The JB Conspiracy, Strobe Circus, Bass6, YaSSon, Xperimental, Jacq Burns, Ravi Bagirathan, Sarah Tucker, Sangeet Gyawali, Laura Yates, Naomi Wynne-Morgan, Hannah Banting, Melanie Ball, Simon Lawton-Smith, Ian Gilmour, the Mental Health Foundation, Gregor Henderson, Public Health England, Judi Clements, Nicola Stevenson, Sarah Walter, Helen Ainley, the NHS Confederation, The Royal Society for Public Health, Jonathan Campion, Kings Health Partners, Genevieve Glover, Maudsley Learning, Louise MacDonald, Young Scot, Young Minds, Henry Stewart, Rebecca Alexander, Maureen Rice, Yvonne Roberts, David Sillito, Madeleine Bunting, Julie Cross, Fred MacAulay, Gospelware, Prof Lord Richard Layard, Mark Williamson, Action for Happiness, the New Economics Foundation, The Work Foundation, Ilona Boniwell, Sam Aldenton, The Exchange, Sellar Development, the Hub Kings Cross, Dominic Campbell, Futuregov, Freeagent Central, Salesforce, Engauge, Sharliza Jelita, Drew Buddie, the Scatter Collective, All We Need, Anna Maybank, Social Innovation Camp, School of Everything, Spacemakers, Transition Town Brixton, Thames Festival, Nathalie Nahai, Tessy Britton, Robertson Cooper, Louise Aston, Business in the Community, Ross Hall, Henry Playfoot, Mark Boulding, Mind, Time to Change, Marcia Brophy, Merlin Evans, Euan Semple, JP Rangaswami, Paul Miller, Adam Gee, Melanie Hayes, Jo Taylor, Jon Kingsbury, Robin Murray, Siân Croxton, Alice Tyler, Lea Simpson, Roanne Dodds, Mat Healey, Dan Martell, Heleana Quartey, Lisa Williams, Ruth Miles, Bryony Timms, everybody’s mums and dads, and many, many more wonderful people who have helped us along the way. Sorry if we’ve forgotten anyone, it takes a lot of cooks to bake a mindapple pie this big.

Want more? You can read more about our past projects and how we got here, and maybe check out our media coverage too.