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About the Big Five

The “Big Five” is the most widely-implemented personality model in psychology today. It brings together decades of personality research into one measurement framework to identify the core, distinct and observable traits that define our basic personalities.

It isn’t perfect. Psychologist Dan P. McAdams called it the “psychology of the stranger” because it deals only with observable characteristics not deeper values. We may well find better systems and models in the future. But for now, the Big Five remains the most accepted model for analysing and predicting people’s behaviour. If you want a personality model that is backed by experimental evidence, you can’t go too wrong with the Big Five.

You can take our free Big Five personality test online below, which is based on the simplified free version of the Big Five available online. The full test is much longer so this will only give you a basic guideline, but it’s still quite interesting to see what scores you get.

Your results will be emailed to you as soon as you submit the test. Your scores will also be shared with us here at Mindapples – but never with anyone else.

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