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The Mind Manual

    An illustrated guide to the ups and downs of life

The Mind Manual is our brand new guide to what’s going on inside your head. It’s a practical guide to looking after your mind, and the follow-up to our award-winning guide to mental performance, A Mind for Business.

Featuring our popular blend of insights from psychology filtered through the wisdom of Mindapples’ global community, it’s packed with tips for understanding your mind, with chapters including:

  • How to Be Yourself
  • How to Keep Calm
  • How to Be Happy
  • How to Have a Healthy Mind
  • How to Be Wise
  • How to Be Productive
  • How to Be Resilient
  • How to Be Kind
  • How to Fall in Love

The Mind Manual is published by Hamlyn in full-colour paperback, and every copy helps spread the word about the Mindapples campaign. Show your mind some love and order your copy today from:

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