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    Helping everyone promote good mental health and wellbeing

Mindapples is a small charity, and most of our national impact comes from other charities and community groups using our campaign concepts and materials to promote good mental health. From schools to universities, hospitals to local authorities, we want to help everyone spread the word about looking after our minds.

So if you want to run an event or campaign to promote mental wellbeing, we can help. Here’s what we offer to help local campaigners grow their own mindapples.

Trees & event toolkits

Our eye-catching Mindapples trees engage people in sharing what they do to look after their minds. They have been spotted at music festivals, conferences, big businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, community events and even in the heart of the UK government.

You can hire a wooden Mindapples tree or buy cardboard trees to use in your events. We also sell a range of toolkits including mindapple cards, posters, pens and badges, booklets and occasionally squirrels too.

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Books and booklets

We’ve published a range of short booklets and published books packed with information about looking after your mind. Covering all the topics in our workplace training programmes, apps and e-learning, they cover the basics of wellbeing and resilience, and more advanced topics like creativity, collaboration and productivity.

So if you want to educate people about looking after their minds, our booklets and materials can help. And if you’re interested in creating some materials with us for the people you care about, drop us a line.

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Champions training

We also provide training for volunteers and campaigners to help you use Mindapples campaign and education materials in your organisation or community.

We run public Wellbeing Champions training courses regularly for individuals who are passionate about promoting mental health and wellbeing. We can also run hosted training for a number of people in a single organisation or local group too.

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