Shh, secret app code!

    How to claim your free subscription to the Mindapples app

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Have you been given a code to access a free subscription on the Mindapples app? Here’s what you do next.

UK university students:

Your institution should have given you a code. Please contact them if you haven’t got one and they can send it to you by email. Once you have your code, visit this link and follow the instructions to redeem your code and unlock our app for free, hurray!

Mindapples schools:

We can provide you with an app code as part of your training package with us. Please contact for your secret special code. Once you have the code, you can use the same link to enter your code and unlock the app for free.

Everybody else

How did you find this page? It’s a secret!

But if you’ve got this far, and you REALLY want to try our app, you can! All the content on mental health and wellbeing is free for everyone. Just download the app for Android or iPhone and create a free Mindapples account to access all the basic content right away.

If you’d like more information on our app, or how to make it free for your students or teachers, then please write to us at

Love from,
The Mindapples Gardeners x