Our trainers

    Skilled facilitators with experience in psychology, resilience and wellbeing

Andrea Corbett

Personal training for mental health and resilience

Andrea is a former secondary school teacher and now a passionate Transformational Mindset Coach & Resilience Practitioner. In 2016 she founded Focus On Creating Your Ultimate Self (FOCUS) CIC, a non-profit organisation to educate and empower young women and girls (primarily Black and Brown) about the importance of physical and mental health.

Andrea has worked with Mindapples to support our work in schools and youth organisations, and is also an experienced speaker and advocate for better mental health for everyone. She brings personal lived experience of mental ill-health, alongside a wealth of proactive tools for managing mind and body, and experience of coaching and supporting people of all ages. Alongside Mindapples, she is an ambassador for many mental health charities including ThriveLDN, MQ and Time to Change.

Anna Golawski

Resilience, coaching & Mental Health First Aid

Anna is a post-graduate qualified business coach and trainer. She started coaching in 2004 as part of her MBA and is trained in a Mental Toughness psychometric tool to help clients manage stress, improve confidence and perform under pressure. She specialises in training, group coaching and 1:1 work for education, corporate and not-for-profit clients.

She has been a trainer with Mindapples for a decade and brings experience gained over twenty years in business, including Harrods, IBM and Rolls Royce. She holds a Post Graduate qualification in Business and Personal Coaching and a Masters of Business Administration and has co-written a coaching book for parents with the University of East London. She is also a qualified instructor for Mental Health First Aid.

Amanda Walderman

Psychology, wellbeing & emotional health

After studying psychology and social policy, Amanda worked for the probation service before moving on to work in addiction. She has over 15 years’ experience working in healthcare, principally in clinical psychology and addiction therapy, and later in management to help teams adapt to restructuring and workplace change. A lot of her work has focussed on helping people understand their habits and behaviours in their life and work.

Amanda holds CMI Level 4 in Leadership and Management and an ILM Supervisory Management Development Qualification. Alongside her work for Mindapples, she also runs a successful swing dance training business in Brighton, and continues to focus on wellbeing and supporting people to manage their health and reach their potential.

Andy Gibson

Management & leadership training and culture change

In addition to leading the Mindapples organisation and content development work, our founder Andy Gibson remains actively involved in content delivery for a wide range of clients. He provides strategic advice and briefings for senior leaders, management training for team leads and line managers, and large-scale webinars and keynote talks for general audiences.

An established international keynote speaker and facilitator, Andy brings nearly twenty years’ experience of advising corporate, non-profit, public policy and education clients. He advised organisations on workplace wellbeing as early as 2009 and has been a key figure in making mental health and wellbeing a mainstream topic and building public and political interest in these topics. He also co-writes and produces all Mindapples training, app and eLearning content.

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