The Mindapples Tree

Spruce up your wellbeing event by planting a tree in the middle.

The Mindapples Tree is a custom-built installation designed by Mindapples to promote mental health and wellbeing. Perfectly sized for indoor events, conferences, shops, cafes and even festivals, it’s an eye-catching way to get people talking about their minds.

People share their ‘mindapples’ by writing them on applecards and hanging them on the tree. This allows everyone to see what others do for their minds, and think a bit more deeply about what what works for them. (You can also buy mindapple cards and other campaign resources direct from our shop.)

The Mindapples tree, and the Mindapples question “What’s the 5-a-day for your mind?”, always get a good reception, and they’re the start of many conversations about how what we do affects our mental health and wellbeing.