Run an event

Back at the start of our campaign, we had to do everything ourselves. A few years on though, and more than two thirds of our impact comes from people in other groups and organisations using our materials. So if you want to run an event or programme to promote mental wellbeing, we can help.

Mindapples in action in 2010 at the Brixton Ritzy

Mindapples in action in 2010 at the Brixton Ritzy

Here’s what we offer to help local campaigners grow their own mindapples…

Trees & event toolkits

Our eye-catching trees have been spotted at music festivals, multinational businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, community events and even in the heart of government.

You can buy your own cardboard trees and event toolkits to use in your events. Toolkits include mindapples cards, posters, pens and badges, and sometimes booklets and even squirrels too. Order yours from our shop today.

Free app

Moodbug from MindapplesIf you’re looking for tools to help people manage their minds better, check out our free iPhone app, Moodbug. Moodbug has been designed to help people track and share their moods, to learn what affects their minds and share the ups and downs of their life. It’s completely free to use and available to everyone with an iPhone.

Read more about Moodbug here.

Support for educators

We also want to support local educators to teach people how our minds work and how to look after them. We produce a range of booklets introducing key concepts about the mind – please contact us for details.

A Mind for Business by Andy Gibson, available now published by Pearson.You can also explore the content of our training programme with our comprehensive guide to how our minds work, A Mind for Business, packed with practical tips for making the most of your mind in your life and work.

“An MOT and tune-up for your mind, in and out of business.” Paul Birch, angel investor and founder @Makeshift

Finally, we run train-the-trainer programmes to equip people to deliver our training themselves. This two-day course can be run on-site for you and your colleagues, and you can also book places for individuals on our regular public trainings. Learn more here.