Wellbeing and Change programmes

Engaging people in smart, sustainable working

We offer the UK specialists in creating cultural change for mental health and wellbeing. With our unique combination of corporate experience and public engagement skills, we get people talking positively about their minds, and equip them with the knowledge to stay healthy and perform well under pressure.

How it works

Our programmes are based on our proven engagement and education tools.

The Mindapples Tree

The Mindapples Tree in actionOur unique pop-up installation. People share their ‘mindapples’ on apple-shaped cards and swap tips for looking after their minds. Used successfully in businesses, conferences, festivals, markets and even art galleries.

Learning materials

Mindapples bookletsWe provide high quality booklets, applecards and other learning materials on key topics about mental wellbeing and performance. These bitesize products help people make more informed choices about managing their minds.

Insight reports

Mindapples wordleFind out what your people want and need for their mental wellbeing. We analyse staff suggestions against our baseline data and create a report of recommended priority areas and ‘quick wins’ for wellbeing promotion.

Digital tools

Elearning mockupWe provide videos, intranet content and internal comms tools to help you reach everyone across your business, regardless of location, and we have exciting plans for apps, animations and e-learning programmes too.

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Wellbeing & resilience programme

This package is ideal for organisations looking to support their staff with key messages about mental wellbeing.

  • 5 ‘lunch and learns’ covering wellbeing, motivation, stress, resilience, personality traits and emotional intelligence.
  • The Mindapples Tree in your offices to launch the programme and get staff talking positively about the health of their minds.
  • An insight report on your organisation helping you identify quick wins and next steps for promoting wellbeing and resilience.

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Culture change programmes

We also offer more detailed programmes to transform your organisation and develop a culture of healthy, smart and sustainable working. The programme includes:

  • Introductory ‘Meet your mind’ keynote talk for up to 300 staff to launch the programme.
  • Mindapples tree and applecards for up to 1000 staff, with insights report analysing wellbeing activities and identifying ‘quick wins’.
  • 10 A Mind for Business masterclasses for up to 40 staff each, covering the essential elements of wellbeing, resilience and self-management.
  • Training for 10 Mindapples champions to use the concepts in our programme to support their peers.
  • Management support for 20 managers from our A Mind for Management masterclasses.
  • Learning resources for 1000 people on managing your mind, coping with stress and working productively.
  • Intranet content and other internal comms resources to help you embed new working practices into your organisational culture.

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Bespoke programmes

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here, we regularly offer bespoke programmes tailored to our clients needs.

Our consulting programmes always involve initial diagnostic sessions to identify from staff and managers the key things that the organisation is concerned about, and then working with senior leadership to tackle these challenges and get staff actively involved in creating change in their organisation. We’ve worked with large multinationals and small social enterprises, and all our consultants have experience of working at the highest level to effect major, lasting change.

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