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Investing in the minds of your business

The performance of any business depends on the minds of its staff. Understanding how our minds work can help people work smarter and feel better. Mindapples shares proven insights from neuroscience and psychology to help people use their minds more effectively and sustainably.

We offer 60-minute masterclasses and half-day training sessions, and most of our content is also available as keynote talks and lunch and learns.

Delivered in bite-sized chunks for high-pressure environments, this is a fresh approach to supporting staff, to help people build their resilience and work to their potential.

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Wellness and resilience

Happy, health staff do better work and feel good too. We can train people at all levels in what they need to stay healthy and effective at work. Book a full programme, or pick and choose from the individual masterclasses below.

Love your mind

An introduction to maintaining your mind and staying healthy and effective.

Good mood food

Dietician Alison Clark explains how nutrition and hydration can help us work smarter.

Master your moods

Managing moods and emotions, and tips for staying emotionally resilient.

Get motivated

The key ingredients that make some tasks easier and more energising than others.

Handle pressure

Spotting stress early and using your resources to turn pressures into challenges.

Know yourself

Using personality traits to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Performance support

We also work with teams to help them work smarter and collaborate better. Covering some of the most fascinating topics in modern psychology, our proven insights to help teams think clearly and work well together.

Available as 60-minute masterclasses and team away-days, you can learn every part, or just cover the most relevant modules for your team.

Train your mind

How intelligence works, and how to improve your memory and learn new habits.

Make smarter decisions

How to make less biased decisions and apply your mind effectively to daily choices.

Influence people

The hidden ways we influence each other, and how to use your own influence positively.

Work collaboratively

How to communicate clearly and work positively and effectively with other people.

Think creatively

How creativity works and simple tips for coming up with more innovative ideas.

A mind for business

An introduction to why we need to place our minds at the centre of our businesses.

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