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Helping people stay sharp, calm and capable at work

Love your mindThe performance of any business depends on the performance of the minds of its staff. Mindapples provides cutting-edge learning and development programmes, using insights from cognitive science to help staff and managers maintain wellbeing, reduce stress and improve performance.

We teach people how their minds work and how to maintain their wellbeing and performance at work. Clients can purchase the full programme, or pick from our range of topics to create a tailored service. Delivered in one-hour masterclasses and half-day seminars, and as webinars, we can help your staff stay sharp, calm and capable every day.

Staff masterclasses

Meet your mind

An introduction to mental performance at work, and why we need to place our minds at the centre of our businesses.

Feed your mind

An introduction to maintaining your mental wellbeing and staying healthy and effective, in and out of work.

Master your moods

Managing moods and emotions, and tips for staying emotionally resilient.

Get motivated

The key ingredients that make some tasks easier and more energising than others.

Handle pressure

Spotting stress early and using your resources to turn pressures into challenges.

Know yourself

Using personality traits to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Train your mind

How intelligence works, and how to improve your memory and learn new habits.

Make smarter decisions

How to avoid unconscious bias and apply your mind effectively to daily choices.

Influence people

The hidden ways we influence each other, and how to use your own influence positively.

Work collaboratively

How to communicate clearly and work positively and effectively with other people.

Think creatively

How creativity works and simple tips for coming up with more innovative ideas.

Management and leadership training

Mind managementPositive working cultures are set by positive managers. We can equip leaders and managers with the essentials of managing with wellbeing in mind, to help them get the best from themselves and others.

Delivered face-to-face or via web conference, these programmes give managers the insights to motivate their staff, reduce stress and build healthy and effective teams, and all topics are also available as one-off masterclasses.

Work smarter

If you know your own mind, you can get more done and feel better. This introductory module gives managers a basic grounding in how our minds work, what they need to thrive, and how to build your daily routine to get the best from yourself and others.

Lead diverse teams

Selecting the right people, and developing the people you have, is a daily challenge for managers. This module introduces the science of what makes each of us unique and explores how we can build diverse, balanced teams and help people work to their potential.

Motivate people

Motivating staff is the most important ingredient of transformational management. Demotivated staff will be less creative, less productive, and less happy. This module explores the science behind motivation, and reveals the three key ingredients that make people eager to work.

Manage pressure & stress

Stress and setbacks are an inevitable part of modern life, but they need to be managed. Learn to spot the signs of stress, find out how good management practice can reduce stress in teams, and practise simple techniques for supporting people who are stressed or unwell.

Work collaboratively

Our minds work better together. If we communicate well and structure our collaboration effectively, we can be more than the sum of our parts. Learn how to communicate clearly, resolve conflicts smoothly, and chair meetings effectively to get the best from your staff.

Lead creative teams

Businesses that fail to innovate are increasingly being left behind in a changing market. Good managers can promote creativity in their teams and find fresh solutions to old problems. Learn the key ingredients of creativity and start bringing them into your workplace.

Proven impact

Our training programmes are based on rigorous academic and clinical insights and have been independently evaluated by the University of York to improve the wellbeing, resilience and psychological literacy of participants.


What people say

“simple and compelling and fit for purpose for any audience, particularly those organisations who want to unlock the potential within their people. Highly recommended.”
Patrick Watt, Corporate Director, Bupa UK

“Mindapples and its simple but effective concept of five a day is a great platform for sharing ideas and challenges us to help ourselves while taking control of our mental attitude and health.”
Una Murphy, Manager, BBC Careerlink

“I certainly found the approach novel and informative which is praise indeed having been to so many ‘stress management sessions’.”
Dr David Matthews, MB, BS, DRCOG, DOccMed, AFOM, FRCGP, Occupational Physician


Developed with major employers to help staff and managers work smarter and more sustainably.


Using current neuroscience and psychology, endorsed by experts and tested in the toughest environments.


Jargon-free, tailored for a business environment and consistently popular with staff and managers at all levels.

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