About Mindapples

Mindapples helps everyone take better care of their minds.

We encourage people to look after their minds through our engagement services, and provide learning and development programmes to help people learn how their minds work to improve their resilience and mental performance.

Recent psychological research suggests around 40% of our mental wellbeing is down to our “outlook and activities” - the choices we make, the actions we take - and yet we know almost nothing about how to take care of ourselves. If we all knew a little more about how our minds work and how to take care of them, we could maintain our health and get more from our minds. So, if we can brush our teeth, go to the gym and eat our 5-a-day, what about our minds?

“Mindapples is an idea that is gaining ground at a time when both professionals and politicians are focusing on people’s well-being.”
Julie Cross, The Telegraph, May 2011

We work with large employers in financial services, consulting, utilities, media and healthcare to start positive conversations about mental wellbeing and teach people how their minds work to improve their resilience and mental performance. We invest all our profits in campaigns and programmes to promote good mental health for everyone. We’re asking you to pick your own five “mindapples” and share what works for you. We want to make looking after our minds as natural as brushing our teeth, by asking everyone, “What's the 5-a-day for your mind?”

So far we've harvested over 50,000 mindapples, attracted national press coverage, built strong partnerships, and gathered lots fantastic supporters. Find out more about who we are, the services we offer and how you can help us grow.

“I find Mindapples a pretty intriguing concept, which could really catch on. Just as gyms became a big thing in the 80s, will the 2010s see the arrival of serious preventative mental health?”
Madeleine Bunting, The Guardian, April 2011

So, over to you. Have you had your mindapples?

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