Thank you!

Thanks for sharing the 5-a-day for your mind. We hope you enjoyed the process, and that it helped you reflect on what you do to look after your mind.

If you like what we’re doing, or just want some inspiration, here are a few ways you can get involved and help us grow:

You can also contribute to our research programme by completing this short questionnaire.

Thanks for sharing your mindapples!

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28 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Thank you.
    I thoroughly enjoyed Andy Gibson’s book, A Mind for Business
    And would recommend it very highly.
    Our mind has been referred to as ‘The Final Frontier’ as a focus for our continual quest for the scientific understanding of how to use its vast potential.
    The longer I live the more I come to support this view.
    Good luck with this very worthy initiative.

  2. Will be telling all my friends. love the concept – and its a great easy to remember name too – mindapples is very evocative. Good on you.

  3. Made me think! I know I cant think clearly without good mind rest time with music, but more ideas & visibility of the worlds “TOP 5” would be great. Wide subject area could be open to interpretation, so looking forward to the results and next steps.

  4. great idea – good luck with it all
    In the future (!) – I wonder how it could be shared with people who are not online or who are isolated for different reasons?

  5. Fab idea – helped to push me to identify how I make enjoyment a part of my day – take the time to stop and stare at reflections in the river, smile at people I interact with – supermarket checkout staff etc to brighten their day, take time to count my blessings, be thankful for what I have and not concentrate on ‘Poor Me’!
    And, yes, I have been there – I had a nervous breakdown in 2001 due to bullying at work… and I don’t ever want to be there again… so I work hard and play hard not to be…

    Briiliant idea! will pass it on to friends and family…

  6. Thanks a lot – this has come at a good time. I don’t know what my mental health is like but I certainly feel it benefits from a little attention, so thanks for this. I will definitely pass it on to some friends. Cheers x

  7. I like this. its nice and it pushed me to move forward in a project im doing, thanks. I hope later down the line Id be able to help your group, the project im working on would really help you and others like yours.

  8. The survey’s gender split is interesting, though I suppose unsurprising. It was very hard thinking up five – which underlines, I suppose, how little attention we pay to daily mental maintenance. I think about this stuff a fair bit, but never thought about it this way – so thanks!

  9. Reminded me that i should do more simple small things that relax me and make me happy. Also makes me consider my mental health. We need more things like this.


  10. Your idea is very inspiring… I know in todays world its so easy to get side track and get down on ones self. Our society demands many things and I feel it’s an on going race that will not end.
    there for it brings many people down and we start questioning why are we here? what’s the point of all this? what happens when we die? My point is that, this is very therapeutic.. to read what others are feeling.

    Thank you for bringing people together! at this point I feel community is the only way of survival.

    Thanks a bunch!

  11. a wonderful idea. mentaal health has to be looked at. the mind is our most powerful body part and sometimes we dont take enough notice of whats going on there. good luck to you and hope it has a benafit for everyone who visits the site.

  12. Couldn’t get the feedback bit of the survey to work for me – so here it is via a comment:

    “Simple and does the job quite adequately with no unnecessary frills. What more could you want ? It’s my general philosophy on life!”

  13. thnaks for talking about this and giving us a voice. It’s not easy living in the wilderness between sanity and insanity – helathy and not!
    We just bob along with good days and bad days and try our best.
    thanks for being there and good luck with the project, if you need anycontributors – drop me a line.