We offer high quality digital learning programmes that are now used by many major global businesses including some of the world’s largest investment banks, News Corp and Tesco.

Our digital programmes feature the most popular elements of our face-to-face training, in a scalable, on-demand format. Delivered via your organisation’s learning management system (LMS) or via hosted solutions, this is the perfect way to give large numbers of people access to Mindapples’ training.

Based on our A Mind for Business programme, and the book of the same name, it shares practical insights from cognitive science to help people manage their minds. Content includes essential skills from managing stress and maintaining concentration, to increasing motivation and promoting innovation. It can help professionals develop their careers, and organisations support their staff.

New content is constantly being developed, and current modules cover:

  • Looking after your mind and maintaining wellbeing
  • Managing moods and handling emotions
  • Dealing with stress and pressure
  • Motivating yourself and others
  • Making good decisions
  • Staying sharp and productive through the day

All content we use has been academically and clinically reviewed, and developed in line with the UK Government’s Health Information Standards. Key concepts are presented via dozens of audio clips and animated videos, and supported by reflection exercises in which users answer questions about their own habits and daily routine.

How to buy

Licenses are available for organisations on a per-user or per-territory basis, making this a scalable and competitive package for businesses who want to support large numbers of staff. Quotations for small businesses are available on request.

If you would like to become part of the next phase in this exciting new movement of smart sustainable working, please contact us now.