Community rules

Every community has rules, so here are ours. They pretty much boil down to “be nice, because this is a nice place”, but hopefully they can offer you a bit of guidance on what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

We will take down posts that upset people and break the rules, but if you can manage to break the rules and keep everyone in the community happy, you’re a hero and we’ll love you for it.

Be nice

This community promotes good mental health, and discrimination, bullying and harassment are very bad for our minds. In all your interactions in the Mindapples community, please:

  • don’t defame people or organisations or spread lies to cause harm;
  • respect confidentiality and don’t share other people’s secrets or protected information;
  • avoid posting unnecessary obscene, offensive or hateful content, particularly hate speech or porn;
  • treat everyone with whom you interact with courtesy, dignity and respect, and avoid personal attacks even when you disagree; and
  • don’t engage in or support any form of harassment, bullying or unfair discrimination on any grounds.

In the event that a complaint is made against you, we’ll probably remove the offending content and let you know. If you’re a persistent dick, we’ll try to figure out how to ban you, but let’s not get to that please. That would be sad.

Forum content

No misrepresentation. Please don’t say you’re acting on behalf of Mindapples or any other organisation without their permission, or pretend to be someone you’re not. Using an alias to protect your identity is fine though; just make sure it’s your alias and not someone else’s.

Keep Mindapples tidy. Always try to post things that are relevant to the topic of the thread and the overall community ethos. Keep replies on topic, don’t post lots of duplicates or spam, and start new threads for new discussions please. Ta.

Post only your own stuff. Don’t post anyone else’s copyrighted content without their permission, yeah?

Don’t break the law. This should be obvious, but don’t post anything that encourages or assists people to steal content or break any other law. Srsly.

Report, don’t reply. If you see something that breaks these rules, report it rather than getting angry and starting a flame war. Don’t feed the trolls, people.

Terms and conditions

By using this service, you also agree to abide by this website’s boring but essential terms and conditions, which protect us, you and your data.

Thanks to the folks at Discourse for their inspiration – and if you don’t like these rules, let us know in the discussion pages!

Love and hugs,

The Mindapples Gardeners