A commissioning framework for public health

Last week I was at the Guardian Public Health Dialogue in London, discussing how the new systems for public health will affect the UK. And eating crisps, of course. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Government’s plans, in a nutshell the responsibilities for the health of the public are moving into Local…
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Mindapples receives £120,000 funding

I’m hopeless at keeping secrets, particularly when I have good news to share. So it’s with great pleasure that I can finally announce an investment of £120,000 in Mindapples from Maudsley Charity. Maudsley Charity’s funds are made up of donations that have been made to South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and its predecessor organisations,…
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Mindapples Press: December 2010 Edition

As someone who has taken an interest in the growth and development of Mindapples over 2010, I thought you might appreciate a little update on where we’ve got to and where we’re headed! NHS pilot As I announced earlier this week, we now have a confirmed grant from Guys and St Thomas’s Charity to pilot…
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Mindapples announces GPs pilot study

I am delighted to announce that we now have a confirmed grant from Guys and St Thomas’s Charitable Trust to pilot Mindapples with GP surgeries across Lambeth. Huge thanks to Esther, Tessy and our lovely partners Tony Coggins at SLaM NHS Trust and Lucy Smith at NHS Lambeth for getting this exciting project underway.

In early 2011, we will be installing Mindapples materials in four Lambeth GP practices to begin with, and asking the staff and patients of each practice to share their Mindapples via the installations. Mindapples will then be analysing the responses and helping the practices design simple ways to support the wellbeing of their staff and patients, and we’ll also then do follow-up marketing and digital engagement services. The project will be evaluated by the Institute of Psychiatry and Kings College London to give us a core evidence base to show to other funders and NHS organisations, particularly GPs and hospitals around the country.*

I look forward to keeping you posted about this and other exciting new projects Mindapples will be working on in 2011. We’re looking for volunteers and interns to help out with this study in early 2011, so if you think you have something to bring to the party please e-mail iseehealthypeople@mindapples.org.

Posted by Andy

*Addendum: All our GP surgeries pilot work is subject to approval by research ethics and NHS research governance and will not proceed until all ethical considerations have been satisfied. – Andy Gibson, Oct 2011

Mind your head

Mind your head : It all starts here. You can start making a positive difference today, just by changing your own attitude to mental health issues. Mental health stigma has spread across society, in schools, in the media, amongst friends and families. But if we act together, we can make a difference.

Mind Your Head is about the small changes that everyone is capable of making in their own lives. It can be as simple as being there for a friend, showing understanding to people with mental ill health and challenging others to follow your lead.


“People shouldn’t feel ashamed for having a mental illness. We don’t feel ashamed for having a broken leg, so why a mental illness?” – Paul Merton, comedian

Get Well UK Service

In Northern Ireland people have been re examining the way they think about health.  It is a little odd that the findings were not released for more than a year but nevertheless…

This scheme treats and heals patients who have been given up on by doctors. In particular, people with ‘chronic low mood’. It addresses two challenging areas; muscular skeletal problems; and depression, stress and anxiety.

Get Well UK Service was a one year pilot scheme with the potential to transform the way our national health service works, by making people better and less dependent on drugs.

“We understand how humans work from the neck down. We have a sketchy understanding of humans from the neck up.”