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4 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Being autistic I got bullied at school and work. The happiest time of my life was becoming an author and working from home all day. I feel so much more relaxed. I find company when I want through special interests or online. I keep my mind alert by taking an interest in life, via BBC news [and other trusted sites] and reading about inventions, discoveries – I also watch documentaries on all sorts of things.

  2. Being retired with just myself and my wife to consider I tend to think selfishly. I have always found, especially at work, that problems are mostly caused by people rather than things. I therefore have a natural tendency to be a loner and have a markedly cynical outlook on life generally.

  3. The state of my mental health seems to be totally dependent on my work. Like many people, more so with men I suspect, my Self Esteem and Self Confidence is highly sensitive to how i feel emotionally about my work and finances.

    For 30 years I’ve had careers that did not suit or fulfil me and I now need to find work that focus on my doing activities every day that tick all three of these boxes:-

    1. Activities that I have a natural talent and aptitude for.
    2. Activities that I’m very good at and can develop further.
    3. Activities that I love doing and am passionate about.