Eyes Open

Mindapples is all about helping people become more observant of things that make them feel well and happy.  Because we are all highly individual, being self-observant can help us understand the impact of personal, daily actions in a way that a list of tips can’t.   The more we notice, the more we can enjoy…
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Happy Tapper

gratitudeappHappy Tapper have launched an iphone application which is a Gratitude Journal.  Gratitude keeps coming up in studies as a major source of long-term wellbeing and happiness.  The application just gives you another way to keep track of the good things, people and events in your life on a daily basis.

A new study shows that the positive effect of gratitude on signs of well-being such as mastery, relationships with others, and self-acceptance happen over and above personality factors. Similar to the study of gratitude journals, this study by Alex Wood and his colleagues suggests, that regardless of one’s personality, taking time to notice and appreciate the good things in life can help all of us.


Emotions and the Web

mediasnakersMediaSnackers are putting together an exciting new project looking at how people (aged 13-19) feel online. Although it is not live yet I am so interested to see how it will work, as emotions, the web, and networks is a particular interest of mine. I also like the fact that MediaSnackers isn’t approaching this as a research project, and that it will attempt to look at another ‘invisible’ but vitally important aspect of our online activity.

Mark Mapstone writes:

“Its seems to be all about numbers out there. Is it because the emotive isn’t tangible and easily measurable?

We’ve decided to capture this untapped emotion that’s fuelling peoples actions and activities online, calling it ‘The Web Makes Me Feel’ (TWWMF for short).

This isn’t going to be research though. Why not? Because without covering all bases, pitching the right questions and operating in an unbiased, non-influential manner, covering all demographics, you can be certain that the end result will so full of holes you could park a caravan in it. No fun we thinks.

So the end result data will be useless? Yes, if all you want to do is shove it in to excel and create a pie chart, but no, if you want to discover how people ‘feel’ about being online.

The final project should be enjoyable to wander through the results, interesting to talk about and as far as we’re aware, something no-one else is documenting.”

Good luck to MediaSnackers with the project, more excellent work expected from them!

Thanks to Mike Amos-Simpson for the link!