Attitudes to mental health changing ‘for the better’

Sue Baker, director of the Time to Change programme, which is tackling the stigma around mental health problems, said:


“Attitudes towards mental health issues are finally beginning to move in the right direction. Deep-seated prejudices are starting to shift and it’s a further sign that we are heading towards a tipping point in England and that there is a real appetite for change.Nearly nine out of 10 people with mental health problems have been affected by stigma and discrimination, with two thirds saying they have stopped doing things because of this.”


The Stresses and Strains of School

“Laura Liz Partoon is remarkable. While still at school (she’s just left and is hoping to go to Roehampton University), she set up her own campaign,The Stresses and Strains of School. Her aim, as you can see from her short video above is to promote and improve the mental health and wellbeing of students.”

“I’ve seen friends go through the pressures of school and drop out of courses because of stress,” she says. “I’ve seen other people stay on but suffer from depression because of the stress of all the work. I think there needs to be a system to help young people cope.” That’s why she does what she does…