Our projects

Mindapples works with a lot of different funders and partners to bring our education and engagement tools to wider audiences. Here are a few of the projects we’ve done in the past few years:

Healthcare champions (2017)

Guy’s & St Thomas’s Charity

A parallel pilot to test our Mindapples Champions programme for use in healthcare, by training health workers across Kings Health Partners to use our training materials to support patients. The pilot was successful and discussions are ongoing about using this train-the-trainer model throughout the boroughs, and in other healthcare Trusts and public services.

Youth champions (2016)

Big Lottery/London Youth

A pilot project to train London youth workers to deliver the wellbeing and resilience elements of our training content and adapt them to the needs of young people. This project formed the starting point for the development of our Mindapples Champions programme.

Moodbug (2014)

Comic Relief/Nominet Trust

An iPhone app that helps people track and share their moods with close friends and family, and send e-gifts to show you care. The app was funded as part of the Innovation Labs programme, a joint project by Comic Relief and the Nominet Trust, and is designed to make it easier for everyone to talk about their moods. Download it now at moodbug.me.

Patient education pilot (2014)

Comic Relief/NSUN/University of York

Education programmes have proved highly effective in helping people manage physical health conditions like diabetes, yet there is still no established patient education programme for mental health conditions. Comic Relief have funded this research by the University of York and NSUN to test whether the Mindapples training programme can help users of mental health services maintain their health and manage their minds more effectively.

London South Bank student education pilot (2014)

Guys & St Thomas’s Charity/London South Bank University/University of York

A pilot project funded by Guy’s and St Thomas’s Charity to adapt our workplace training programme to support nursing and social care students at London South Bank University. The goal of the project is to assess whether the Mindapples training programme is effective in teaching people how their minds work, and whether participants found this knowledge helpful for their studies and for maintaining their mental wellbeing. The pilot is being evaluated by the International Centre for Mental Health Social Research at the University of York.

Young Mindapples (2014)

Young Minds/Mindapples

A joint project with youth mental health specialists Young Minds to promote mental wellbeing to young people. Using specially-created co-branded mindapple cards, Young Minds are now engaging thousands of young people around the UK in taking more responsibility for their mental health.

Love Your Mind (2013)


10 October each year is World Mental Health Day, a day when the global community gets together to talk about the health of our minds. The conversations usually focus heavily on illness though, and Mindapples wanted to shift the conversation to the positive and get everyone talking about how they could look after their minds. We used Thunderclap to get over 100 people to sign up to send a tweet or Facebook message at noon on 10 October 2013 encouraging everyone to #loveyourmind. The message was a big hit, being retweeted over 100 times and reaching a whopping 55,958 people – not bad for a free campaign!

University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day (2013)


Mental health among students and graduates is now an urgent social issue, with depression and anxiety continuing to rise and pressure increasing on student mental health services. In 2012, Mindapples was one of the launch partners of a new annual event focussing on student mental health and wellbeing, and in 2013 we played a major role in promoting the campaign, selling trees and toolkits to over 30 universities around the UK. We have now sold thousands of applecards as part of this ongoing campaign, and over 50 UK universities now have their own mindapples trees and toolkits for promoting student wellbeing.

“All the students approached were happy to participate and were very open when writing down their five mindapples. It encouraged discussion amongst groups of friends and hopefully encouraged them to acknowledge the things they already do to look after their mental health.”
Lydia Pell, Mental Health Co-ordinator, University of East Anglia

Make Time For Your Mind (2013)


A partnership project with youth volunteering specialists Vinspired, to train and equip 100 young volunteers with their own mindapples toolkits and send them off round the country to promote mental wellbeing. The campaign was one of Team V’s most successful ever, and reached thousands of people all around the country with positive messages about looking after our minds, showing the value of Mindapples’ innovative engagement approach and event tools. Check out this delightful promo video the folks at V made for the campaign:

Grow your own mindapples (2012)

Maudsley Charity

A project created as part of our core funding from the Maudsley Charity, to scale up the impact of our campaign by developing cardboard trees and event toolkits for volunteers. Our toolkits have been used by schools, universities, healthcare bodies and community groups to promote the central mindapples campaign message to look after our minds. We have sold over 40,000 mindapples cards in the UK in 2013-14 alone, and over half our social impact now comes from third parties using our tools.

Feed Your Head (2011)


A fundraising event organised by our very own Ruta Marcinkus, featuring a night of bands at Cargo in East London playing in support of Mindapples and good mental health. Thanks to JB Conspiracy, Strobe Circus and beat-boxers Bass6, YaSSon and Xperimental and everyone who came for making the night one to remember!

Scottish Mindapples (2011)

Young Scot/Mindapples

A partnership project with Young Scot to take the Mindapples campaign to young people in Scotland. Young Scot’s engagement team used a wooden Mindapples Tree to engage young people at festivals and youth events around Scotland over the summer 2011, reaching thousands of young people and inspiring them to do more to take care of their minds.

A summer of festivals (2011)

Mind/Time to Change

A project funded through the social contact strand of Time to Change, to reduce stigma on mental illness by getting people with and without mental health issues talking positively about the health of their minds. The Mindapples Tree, staffed by our loyal gardeners, went to seven festivals in Summer 2011, delivering excellent ROI to the campaign and reaching 32,000 people at a cost-per-contact of less than £1.

Public health pilot (2011)

Maudsley NHS/NHS Lambeth/Institute of Psychiatry/Guy’s & St Thomas’s Charity/Maudsley Charity

A pilot project to evaluate the effectiveness of mindapples trees for engaging patients in GP surgeries in Lambeth in thinking about their mental health. The project was suspended whilst we continue to seek NHS research governance permission to place Mindapples trees in GP surgeries in Lambeth, in partnership with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, NHS SE London and the Institute of Psychiatry, to determine whether Mindapples can help boost public health in communities around the UK. Four years on, the project is still awaiting this approval, which is a stark warning to any small business wishing to help the NHS.

The Big Treat (2010)


Our first funded project, in partnership with Courvoisier UK, The Big Treat was a pop-up health farm in Central London that showcased luxury treats for mind and body. The event was featured in the popular press including Urban Junkies and View London and was a busy attraction in Summer 2010. We even turfed the gallery with REAL GRASS! No kidding. Take a look…

If you think you’ve got a project for us, or if you’d like to discuss bringing our work to the people who need it, drop us a line.