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One thought on “The RSA Journal plants some Mindapples

  1. Found you on the last page of the printed journal, read the article to husband and subsequently had a VERY interesting discussion. YES, mental health is a very vital part of total health and needs to be addressed daily. We had some pertinent ideas. For an opener:
    1. Listen to classical music. it tends to be soothing, while atonal music is disturbing and rap etc. can disrupt the heart rhythm.
    2. Laugh heartily. Find something really funny every day and laugh out loud. Sometimes the memory of something will do the trick.
    3. Set a time aside to relax and contemplate happy memories.
    4. Talk to people. even if you are an introvert, it is necessary to have human contact daily. Sometimes just talking about a problem to another will clear it up or make it easier to bear.
    5. Try to see the bright side of things; view the glass as 1/2 full rather than 1/2 empty; accept the silver lining of the dark clouds.
    6. Surround yourself with good, positive art, photos of pleasing landscapes, scenes that evoke happy memories.
    7. The nose knows: home cooked foods, pleasing scents…
    8. And finally: not withstanding the effects of alcohol on the physical body, the consumption of a glass of wine, beer or even good quality hard liquor enjoyed for its flavor, preferably in the company of good friends before, during and after a good meal.